How to Gain Weight on Paleo

If you’re looking for ways to gain weight, that puts you in a position that many people would envy. While so many people are trying to find ways to lose weight and struggling to do so, you’re wondering how to gain weight on a paleo diet.

The way the paleo diet is constructed, it can be difficult to gain weight quickly. It’s not the easiest diet to add on pounds with, but there are ways to do it. No matter which diet you’re on, the basic principles for gaining weight will still apply. Here’s how to gain weight on paleo diet without wrecking your diet.

Build Muscle

Are you aware that muscle is actually heavier than fat? If you work to develop muscle, you can pack on the weight pretty quickly. There are a couple very important things you can do to make sure you gain muscle. These are vital if you’re looking for how to gain weight on paleo.

You need to sleep plenty. If you don’t sleep enough, then your body will simply put on fat and not muscle. It’s been scientifically shown that lean mass and muscle is built while you are at rest and not when you are working out. This is true whether you’re a bodybuilder or not.

The next component to putting on muscle weight is to consume plenty of protein. Protein serves as the building blocks for muscle, and without protein you cannot gain muscle. Make sure there’s plenty of protein in your paleo diet, which there usually is. But, if you’re looking to gain weight, particularly muscle weight, then you need to up your protein intake.

The third component to building muscle is to work out. This can help develop and build the muscles, and you can stimulate muscle growth through weightlifting and other bodybuilding exercises.

You Will Need to Adjust Your Diet

If you’re looking for how to gain weight on paleo diet, then you must not be gaining enough weight with your current diet. You don’t have to get off the paleo diet in order to gain weight or to increase how much weight you’re gaining, but you may need to make some adjustments.

There’s not a magic formula to gain weight with this diet, and you simply need to add some more starch, protein, and fat. A really good way to gain some extra weight on the paleo diet while sticking to that diet is to add white rice to a lot of your meals.

A lot of people will try to add weight by using whey protein, muscle builder compounds, or some other protein powders used for building mass. This can work, but you need to keep in mind that this is not real food. It can have negative effects on your paleo diet and the kind of results you’re hoping for. There’s also the issue that your muscles won’t have as much substance to them if you try this quick and easy way to build up your mass.

If you’re looking for real food to build mass and put on weight, then adding a lot of starches to the diet can help. Potatoes and other tubers can help to increase your start intake and boost your overall body mass.

Be careful about changing your diet drastically and suddenly. That can be dangerous, especially if you’ve been on the paleo diet for a while and your body is used to it. You can keep to the paleo diet while putting on weight and adding extra starch, protein in fact to your diet plan, but you shouldn’t make a large and quick adjustment. It is better to make some small changes and see how your body adapts to that rather than to make sudden changes, if you’re looking for how to gain weight on a paleo diet.

Remember that each kind of food has its own impact on your body and creates specific kinds of mass. Fats and carbs are most likely to create fatty deposits if you do not use up the energy they provide quickly enough. Proteins can help you build muscle, but you’ll need to exercise and sleep a lot in order to get that benefit from it and maximize the protein for building muscle mass.

Address Your Gut

One of the most important things to remember about consuming foods in order to gain muscle, gain mass or gain weight is that only the food that is absorbed into your body will change and increase your mass. It’s not just the foods that you eat, because some of that your body won’t process, especially if you have digestive or gut health problems.

If you are having trouble gaining weight while on the paleo diet, you may need to deal with your digestive health. A lot of people who suffer from Crohn’s disease may not be absorbing the nutrients they should yet. This is one example of how the food you eat doesn’t always go where you would expect it to. Your body can simply pass it out, the same as a lactose intolerant person would pass out lactose.

The nutrients in food components that your body can’t handle will simply be passed out as urine, gas, and other expulsions. If your gut is easily irritated by wheat, legumes or dairy, you need to address your gut health before you can work to build mass and add weight to your body. If you try to change up your paleo diet to have a lot more high calorie foods, your gut may not be healed enough to absorb them properly. For many people, healing the gut will be the first step in how to gain weight on autoimmune paleo diet or any kind of paleo diet.

Many people will go on this kind of diet in order to treat digestive problems and health issues, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that someone on the paleo diet may need to consider their gut health.

One of the best ways to treat digestive health problems is to use probiotics in your diet. Of course, yogurt is the best source of probiotics, but there are others as well, including kimchi, pickles, miso, and sauerkraut.

It can also help to cut down fatty oily foods from your diet. Disease can cause a variety of digestive problems too. Consider any foods that you may be allergic to or have an intolerance to. For many people, that’s lactose or gluten. If you know what your digestive system may reject or be irritated by, you can simply eliminate that from your diet to help your body absorb more of what you eat. If you’re not sure what allergens or sensitivities you have, you can talk to your doctor or a nutritionist to help figure that out. This may be an important first step for anyone who is having trouble trying to gain weight on the paleo diet.

Treat Underlying Health Issues

Revolution Health Radio (RHR) has covered this issue in depth in an interview with Chris Kesser, who is the best-selling author and integrative medical practitioner. In his interview Chris provides RHR how to gain weight on a paleo diet advice that covers some of the underlying health problems people may have that prevent them from gaining weight. He talks about hypothyroidism, metabolic issues, adrenal fatigue, chronic infection, Lyme disease, and other issues. Some people simply don’t realize the health problems they have until they try to gain weight and have difficulty doing so. There are a lot of health issues that can make it difficult for people to gain the weight they’re trying to, and it may be worth going to your doctor to discuss some of these issues.

There are quite a few different medical problems that could cause malabsorption, which simply means that your body has trouble absorbing certain nutrients and components from what you eat. This is going to lead to trouble in gaining weight and problems in gaining the nutrients you need.

Being underweight is something that is often associated with increased mortality rates and trouble in fighting disease, so it’s important to have a healthy weight. If that’s something you’re struggling with, hopefully the information in this article will be a help to you.

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