How Long Does a Sprained Wrist Take to Heal?

A strain isn’t as severe as a broken bone, but it still needs time to heal. You won’t be able to do all the activities you might be used to doing if you suffer from a wrist sprain.

How long does a sprained wrist take to heal?  Some sprains take longer than others to heal, and your doctor will likely tell you how long it should take for your sprain to get better. What if you didn’t go to see a doctor, though? You might have no idea what to expect for how for a sprained wrist to heal.

How Long Does It Take A Sprained Wrist to Heal?

On average, it can take two to 10 weeks for your sprained wrist to get completely better. How long it takes you to recover will depend on a few factors, like your health, age, severity of the injury, and how well you take care of your injury.

Minor sprains will be the two week end of the scale, whereas serious sprains will take much longer to heal.

There are a few different levels of sprains. Mild ones will have micro tears in the ligaments or simply stretched ligaments. This shouldn’t take very long to heal completely. Just because your sprain feels all better, though, doesn’t mean that the wrist is completely healed.

The second level of sprains are considered moderate. These have more severe injury and the ligaments can be partly torn.

Severe sprains will have completely torn ligaments, and more than one ligament may be torn. Agreement should be attached to the bone, and in the case of a serious sprain, they will have come detached.

Sprain is different from a break in the ligaments are involved rather than bones. The injury is to the ligament in the tendon and not to the bone itself.

There are all sorts of different ways that your wrist could become sprained and injured, and how you damaged it can determine how long it takes for you to fully recover. While a sprain that is caused by carrying something that is too heavy may heal quickly, whereas falling onto your wrist as you try to catch yourself can be a more serious sprain.

How to Make a Sprained Wrist Heal Faster

How long does it take to heal a sprained wrist? A big part of your recovery time comes down to how well you take care of it. If you lift heavy things and use your wrist a lot after it’s been injured, it won’t heal properly. You’ll be slowing down the recovery time by not taking it easy with your wrist.

How to heal a sprained wrist fast? You need to be gentle and keep from using it for anything heavy. Even avoiding light work without rest is going to help. Your doctor will likely prescribe a period of rest, where you don’t do any heavy lifting or hardly any activity at all. It’s best to take it easy as much as possible, because getting out and about, trying to do exercise, or just going about your normal routine can all put your wrist at risk of further injury. You may be required to use your hand even though you weren’t planning to, slowing down the healing process.

How long does it take for a sprained wrist to heal? That’s going to depend mostly on how you treat it. The best method for how to heal a sprained wrist is to simply let it rest. It can heal very well on its own, if it’s been properly wrapped. Not every wrist sprain will need to be wrapped, and your doctor will advise you on what to do.

Make sure you do listen to your doctor’s advice and go to follow up appointments, if there are any scheduled. You should also let your doctor know if your wrist is giving you further problems or if you are suffering any severe pain. Your doctor will likely prescribe you some pain medications to help you deal as you recover.

Ice Treatment Can Help

How to help a sprained wrist heal faster? Ice on your wrist can really benefit you. Not only does it help the wrist to heal faster and reduce inflammation, but it can also help with the pain as well.

You should put ice packs on for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can do this every few hours over the next few days. You can continue to place ice packs on your wrist until this swelling goes down. If you don’t see any more swelling, you probably don’t need to use the ice pack anymore. You can talk to your doctor about what he or she suggests you do as far as using ice packs to treat inflammation.

How long to heal a sprained wrist will depend on how well you are treating it. It may take weeks for it to heal completely, but to help with the pain, ice packs are one of the most effective methods. You can get rid of the pain and quickly by using ice packs regularly.

Elevate Your Wrist

One message for how to heal a sprained wrist faster is to keep it elevated. You can prop your arm up whenever you put an ice pack on it or whenever you are reclining. It’s a good idea to keep your wrist up above your heart, as this helps to cut down on the swelling.

You can continue to keep your arm elevated until the swelling goes down and your wrist looks normal. Be careful, though, as your wrist isn’t fully healed just because it looks normal. There’s still underlying injury that needs to get better, and even after the swelling goes down, your risk may need additional weeks of healing.

If you overdo it and strain your wrist further while it is trying to heal, it can start to swell again. Don’t take the lack of swelling as a sign that your wrist is all better and that it’s safe to use it as normal.

How long does it take to heal a sprained wrist? The suggestions we’ve given you can help with the pain and help heal it faster. The healing process and how long it takes is up to you. You’ll need plenty of sleep and you’ll need to rest your wrist.

Wear Your Brace or Splint

If you see a doctor about your sprain, the doctor may wrap up your wrist in a splint or brace. This can help protect your wrist from unintentional injury. It can keep it steady and stable so that it is not injured further. Be sure to wear your brace or splint as much as possible and take care of it the way your doctor recommends. You may have to keep it from getting wet and it may need to be re-wrapped every so often.

If you were given a bandage for your wrist, be sure to take really good care of the bandage and listen closely to your doctor’s instructions about wrapping the bandage yourself. You may be required to unwrap and rewrap the bandage on your own at home. If you’re not sure what to do, it’s OK to call your doctor or look up a video on how to wrap the bandage yourself. It’s important that you wrap it properly so that you don’t put undue stress on your wrist and so that it is able to heal faster.