Does Drinking Water Help You Sleep

There’s some debate as to whether drinking water before you sleep helps you sleep better. Some doctors actually recommend you don’t drink much water before bed. There are actual health risks involved with drinking too much water before you sleep.

Yet a lot of people say they can’t sleep soundly unless they have some water to drink before they go to sleep and keep water beside them on their nightstand while they sleep. They know if they don’t get enough to drink before going to bed, they’ll simply have to get up in the middle of the night to drink some water. That can disturb their sleep schedule.

So, the question then is does drinking water help you sleep? Do you actually need to drink some water before going to bed to ensure a sound night’s sleep, or will it prevent proper sleep and lead to health problems?

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of drinking water before sleep and why you may want to change up your habits for your own health and for more restful sleep.

How Drinking Water before Sleep Can Be Harmful

Let’s first address this notion of it being dangerous if you are drinking a lot of water before you go to bed. This is a concern most people have never had and an issue that we doubt too many people are even aware of.

Some doctors will actually recommend that you not drink a lot before sleep. There’s a good reason for this. Drinking too much water before you go to bed will mean that you have to get up during the night to urinate. You may have to get up several times, and even one visit to the restroom that interrupts your sleep schedule can devastate your ability to rest properly.

If you have to get up a few times during the night to urinate, you may not feel very rested the next morning. You can feel drained and struggle to get out of bed. That’s why if you’re going to have water before bed, it should just be a few sips rather than or full glass of water.

Does water help you sleep? Sometimes, it keeps you from sleeping, causing you to wake up repeatedly and disturbing your deep sleep cycle. It’s something to keep in mind no matter what you drink before bed. Whether you’re having tea, hot cocoa, or something else, if you drink too much of it before you lie down, you can make it difficult to sleep soundly through the night.

Drinking Too Little Water Is a Problem

Some people swear by having a drink of water before they go to bed. They say that it helps him to sleep soundly through the night. Does drinking water before bed help you sleep?

Just as having too much water to drink before bed can keep you awake, so too can having too little water. If your mouth is dry and parched and you’re feeling thirsty, that can wake you up during the night. The discomfort of being thirsty can keep you from getting adequate sleep. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a few sips of water before bed.

Why does drinking water help you sleep? It keeps you from feeling thirsty and allows you to have a more peaceful, restful sleep. If you’re not thirsty when you sleep, you may not need to get out of bed to take a drink. Having some water by your bedside can help you to have a more restful sleep. You can take a sip whenever you’re thirsty rather than having to get up out of your bed to find water. Make sure you just take a little sip if you’re drinking during the night so that you don’t have to get out to urinate.

If you find that you have to get up frequently during the night to sip water, you could be keeping your bedroom too warm. It may help to open a window, lower the AC, or add a fan to the room. Improving air circulation and reducing the temperature can help you to not be dehydrated during the night, meaning you drink less water.

Does Tonic Water Help You Sleep?

There are some drinks you can have before bed that will help you to sleep better for various reasons. A hot drink can be soothing and help you to relax, slowing your heart rate and easing you into a sleep cycle. Tonic water can help as well, and it provides soothing for your leg cramps.

Drinking a little tonic water before bed can be great for helping treat leg cramps and ensuring that you don’t have any when you wake up. If you suffer from leg cramps, try drinking a little tonic water before bed. As with any kind of beverage, don’t drink too much before you go to sleep. That can just cause you to get up and urinate throughout the night.

Instead, have a few sips and see if that’s enough to make a difference in your leg cramps and in helping you to have a better night sleep.

Does Lemon Water Help You Sleep?

If you suffer from indigestion or your stomach makes odd noises when you lie down, you may want to try some warm lemon water before bed. Drinking hot lemon water before you sleep can soothe your stomach and alleviate problems with your digestive system.

It can help you to feel more comfortable and less bloated as you lie down, and it also helps with stress levels. Some indigestion is caused by stress anxiety, and a hot beverage like warm lemon water can help to treat those problems. It also helps to hydrate your body, making you less likely to need water during the night.

Does Cinnamon and Water Help You Sleep?

Another remedy you can try to help with sleeplessness is to combine cinnamon in water. Warm water with a little bit of cinnamon powder or a cinnamon stick makes for a very soothing beverage. You don’t want to use cinnamon oil for this drink.

What it does is destress you and relax your muscles. It gets rid of a lot of the tension that is built up during the day, and relieving that would help you to fall asleep much faster and to sleep much more soundly.

Does Drinking More Water Help You Sleep Better?

It is important that you get enough water each day, and adequate hydration will help with your sleep schedule. If you’re constantly dehydrated and thirsty, you will have trouble sleeping. You’ll be uncomfortable and your throat will be dry and parched.

It could help so much to just make sure you have a few sips of water before you go to bed, not overdoing it so you don’t need to urinate during the night. What you can also do is take a swish of water and swirl it around your mouth to help reduce feelings of dryness and thirstiness. This can help a little sip go a lot further.

Does having enough water help you sleep? It does, but you do want to be careful about overdoing it. Getting adequate water each day ensures proper hydration. If you’re getting enough water throughout the day, you won’t need as much before you go to bed. If you keep your bedroom temperature comfortable and cool, you won’t need as much water while you sleep either.

Water is an important part of your sleep cycle and ensuring you get enough sleep and that you get restful sleep. You do have to be careful about how much water you’re drinking and when you drink it. If you understand all that and how water helps your sleep schedule, you’ll be able to sleep much better.