Are Black Eyed Peas Good for You?


Black eyed peas are those white or brown peas with little black marks, called eyes. These peas are usually boiled and then served on their own as a side dish with a little salt or combined with other foods to make a soup, dip, or casserole. Black eyed peas are common throughout the southern United […]

How to Increase Blood Oxygen Level

Your body needs oxygen in order to operate affectively, as oxygen powers your energy levels and replenishes cells that wear out. Without the necessary oxygen in your blood, you feel weak and will have trouble with simple activities. Your body will struggle with basic functions and certainly won’t be operating at peak performance. How to […]

How to Lose Neck Fat

A layer of fat under your chin is what you might call a double chin what is known medically as sub mental fat. When you look in the mirror and see this layer fat there, you might be wondering if you can get rid of it and how you’d go about that. There are surgical […]

How to Get Rid of Underarm Fat


One of the areas where extra fat will collect is on the underarm. This fatty area can be troublesome to get rid of. But there are exercises you can use for how to get rid of underarm fat. As with any kind of fatty deposit on the body that you want to target, it’s very […]

How to Be the Best Version of Yourself


We’re all capable of great things, but are you achieving everything you’re capable of? Do you know how to be the best version of yourself? There are some powerful habits that you can make a part of your life to improve your behaviors and become the kind of person you want to be. If you […]